FPT Now Listed!

FUUPAY enables digital asset management easy and secure.

FUUPAY is a digital asset management platform. Starting with artwork payment and kiosk payment services, it will expand to total financial management service provider in the world. 


FUUPAY supports  users to manage and use their digital assets more conveniently and safely.

Digital asset will not be used by special people for special purposes, but will be made available to all of us.

We will stand at the center of the world of blockchain and digital assets.

High Security

Security at high level with experienced professionals in the team

Easy & Simple Wallet

Easy UI provide users better user experience when using wallet

Global Currency

No need for currency exchanges between countries. Digital currencies can be used anywhere 

Asset Management

FUUPAY messanger supports transfers and OTC transaction

Total Financial Solution

FUUPAY financial solution for professional digital asset trade

Business Expansion

By partnering with and acquiring prominent business, FUUPAY plan to expand its business


Experience Simple & Easy Digital Asset Wallet Now

Convenient and Secure, FUUPAY Wallet

With FUUPAY Wallet, You can easily manage, send and receive your digital asset. We plan to provide our payment solution on this app in the future and also further financial management services will be available in the app. 

Manage your digital asset safely and easily. 

Pay your daily expenses with your digital asset.

All-in-One solution, FUUPAY

FUUPAY Updates


FUUPAY (FPT) was listed for the first time on the KRW market of the GDAC exchange on the 30th of July, 2020. 

FUUPAY App Launched (Android, iOS)

FUUPAY App is now available on App Store and Google Play Store. You can now manage your digital asset with FUUPAY app.

FUUPAY Sponsors 2020 Miss Korea

FUUPAY became an official sponsor of the Miss Korea contest and its agency to integrate FPT into live commerce.

FUUPAY Easy Introduction

To introduce FUUPAY more easily, we prepared a card-type introduction. It explaines current problem and FUUPAY's solution. 

FUUPAY Token Burn (44.3%)

To show our confidence in project and to give more faith to FUUPAY community, we decided to burn 44.3% of  total FPT tokens. 

FUUPAY Integrated into Global Kiosk Payment System 

FUUPAY signed a contract with a global kiosk company The9 Company. FPT will be used as a payment method in their kiosks in the future. 



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